The Full Story


After bringing my family up and following the path that was laid for me a professional suggested that I should set up a small business and share my artwork in one form or another and that was how Karen Townsend Illustrates started.

Above the Clouds


Being a small start up business I will provide the best quality products that I can access, which are unique, beautifully presented and maybe even say a little about you the buyer or your intended recipient. 

With very limited funds and a strong awareness of the environment I will keep packaging simple and reuse any good packaging that I have received stock in.

I still have a lot of work to do (including finding out the most cost effective way of posting goods.

Any suggestions would be appreciated and seriously considered.

Please feel free to contact me by email @ 

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In the future I hope to expand my range and be a natural port of call for those searching for quirky quality products that are a little different.

Thank you so much for everything

Karen Townsend 

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